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Worldwide Sales & Distribution

We provide focused global distribution, sales, and marketing solutions to a wide range of digital and physical retail partners.

Here’s how:


Our renowned and reliable centralised digital supply chain plus detailed and accurate financial reporting combines with localised sales, marketing, and promotion initiatives all coordinated on a global basis.


In short, we’ve got the scale, expertise, and commercial relationships to deliver great service


Audience Development Strategies – we don’t just deliver – we strive to add value.
Dedicated label and commercial managers provide label partners with informed strategic campaign advice, access to detailed insight, and deliver creative and commercial opportunities to help releases stand out from the crowd


Classical – [Integral] has dedicated experts in classical music, both in terms of release strategy and targeted commercial partners.


[Integral] operates a centrally managed supply chain delivering to a global network of retail partners


Retail sales, marketing and promotion are managed locally – our label partners have direct access to territory experts and services.


Physical retail continues to deliver extraordinary opportunities for many of our label and retail partners – not least through the global independent retail network.


[Integral] lives up to its name and is a key contributor to initiatives such as Record Store Day and was instrumental in setting up the Love Record Stores initiative.

[Integral] provides three complementary types of service that meet the range of needs of our label, manager, and artist partners.

Global Distribution Services

Our award-winning distribution and sales service across both digital and physical retail partners.


We centrally manage a highly efficient worldwide physical supply solution whilst maintaining an exemplary digital supply process that ensures accurate and timely delivery of assets whilst enabling partners to take advantage of new and developing consumer offers and digital initiatives.

Label Services

Access to our dedicated label and commercial partner managers who provide direct and experienced input into label and artist campaigns.


Our local, creative, and innovative teams provide early access to partner initiatives and add valuable insight informing release and commercial strategies.


Integrated marketing and promotion services on a territory by territory or global basis.

Artist Services

In addition to our distribution and label services, where required, we wrap campaign management and international coordination around artists and managers that may have the resource to manage some but not all aspects of a campaign.

Our in-house services also include:

Insight and Market Intelligence

The [Integral] Portal provides detailed insight into physical and digital trends and revenues.


Continually adapting to market developments and client needs, our Portal provides deep and invaluable insight informing campaign and repertoire development strategies

& Brand

Access to our award winning Sync team – when it comes to sync licensing there’s no substitute for a reliable, established and creative team that responds rapidly.


We didn’t just dream this up. We’ve been at it for years and have built long standing and valued relationships with leading brands, producers, agencies, supervisors and media partners all over the world.


Please browse our sync platform here and request tracks to license below.


If you wish to license a track for a Movie, TV Film, Short Film, Film Festival, TV Programme, Commercial or Internet use (excl. YouTube only requests) please complete the application form here.


If you wish to license a track for a compilation, please complete the application form.


If you wish to license a track for YouTube ONLY, please complete the application form.


We provide a range of rights management solutions including digital channel right management (e.g. YouTube, Facebook etc) as well as our Neighbouring Rights registration and collection service.


We have dedicated Neighbouring Rights team that has established direct relationships with all the leading Performing Rights Organisations around the world. No middle people – just efficient, timely and transparent registration and reporting!

Manufacturing & Production

Our [Integral] Production team provide large scale and bespoke manufacturing solutions for physical products. Expert in creating and delivering stunning packaging, our team focusses on bringing incredible ideas to physical reality.


With access to dedicated manufacturing capacity, highly competitive pricing and rapid turnaround times we also do the basics very well!

D2C Online Stores

[Integral] offers a highly sophisticated yet simple to access D2C Online Store solution. We have in-house experts and a fully integrated physical and digital platform that enables us to set up new label or artist stores in a matter of hours.


Our stores offer global shipping, work in local languages and currencies, and are fully chart compliant in multiple markets. We build and manage the stores for you and help to deliver compelling product and retail offers.


Read more about our D2C services.